TV France International thanks every participant who made this event successful. We hope you enjoyed our market and can’t wait seeing you at the 25th edition of Le Rendez-Vous (starting the 8th of september 2019).

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Bidzina B. 2018-10-03:
« It was a memorable trip »

I want to warmly thank you for the fantastic hospitality I've got at Biarritz. It was a memorable trip and very helpful at the same time - business + heavenly atmosphere = success!
I'll definitely tell everybody (and not only Georgians) to take a chance and visit your future events...
Jan R 2018-09-28:
Dear Isabelle,

It was an absolute pleasure for both Simona and me to visit Biarritz and we will be happy to return next year, if you will have us.

We have brought home a long list of potential shows and now it’s up to our respective editors to go through them and select the best content that would fit our current needs.
Jay P 2018-09-28:
The festival was a very pleasant experience as it was for the first time ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Ltd (ZEEL) was participating in this festival. This event was a perfect example of a very well organized content market where the content buyers & sellers were able to discuss and exchange knowledge at length. A perfectly streamlined event flow, scheduled time slots, and execution of all these smoothly, is certainly a feather in cap for TV France International. For us buyers from India, it was a very unique experience as India as a market is not a heavy consumption market for foreign language content (other than English). Given this, looking at the rise of Digital & OTT players in India, very soon there will be need to deliver different content and identify differentiating content baskets, where foreign language content can play a big role. ZEEL has always been a pioneer in having a first movers advantage to many businesses, and this can also be one of them, provided the right opportunity is presented. Le Rendez-Vous 2018 was a perfect platform to create a bridge for India market through ZEE5, who can be the launching platform for many foreign language content and partner with content owners to enter India. We look forward to developing this partnership with TV France further and create a strong business relationship in future. Hopefully, there will be a similar market in India very soon. Once again, thank you for inviting us for this enriching experience.
Elsa L. 2018-09-27:
Bonjour Catherine,

Pour ma part je trouve les RDV de Biarritz de plus en plus intéressants pour mon travail. C’est mon marché préféré !
Il est toujours d’aussi bonne qualité côté «acheteurs».
Merci encore à toute l’équipe pour toute l’organisation que j’imagine colossale

Bonne journée
Sean C 2018-09-27:
It’s great experiences of attending 2018 edition of Le Rendez-Vous! I’ll definitely come back again next year! For the last 6+ years, we have acquired tens of animated titles from French producers - I believe we’re one of top buyers for French content.
Irina V 2018-09-27:
Thank you so much for the invitation, it was a huge pleasure to meet all the partners I’m working with face to face. Also, everything was organized so perfect, I got so many new information and I am sure this year will be year of acquisitions of French content at our media group. I hope to see you next year!
My warmest regards from Kyiv!
Christian U 2018-09-27:
I would also like to thank you for inviting me again to this year's edition of Le Rendez-Vous de Biarritz.

It is always a pleasure to catch up with everyone there and to have the chance to do some networking over lunch, dinner or even a morning run. Thank you for that.
Mayumi T 2018-09-27:
It was a pleasure seeing you, again in Biarritz. Thank you for your time for our meeting.
Yes, I had a good market with exchanging information with French representatives and other countries people.
I really appreciate all staffs of TVFI.
Tatjana 2018-09-27:
Chère Catherine
Encore une fois - c'était un marché tellement bien organisé de tous les points de vue, ca m'a fait très plaisir d'y revenir. Merci pour l'accueil et désolée qu'on n'a pas pu passer un peu de temps ensemble.
Je t'embrasse.
Laura N. 2018-09-27:
Hi Catherine,

Hope you are well and not totally exhausted! I just wanted to send a note, as I sit here back at my desk in dreary Dublin to say thank you so much.
You must be very proud - Le Rendez-Vous is without a doubt the most efficient, productive and pleasant market I have attended. It was fabulous to be able to have time to meet and screen so much worthwhile French content that we just don't get the time for at other markets.

As for the beautiful Biarritz, the gorgeous Palais and the fabulous social and networking events - it was very enjoyable experience also!

I hope you get a well deserved rest and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Many thanks agus míle buíochas,
Jaime F. 2018-09-27:
Dear Catherine,

Thank you for the attention and treatment given during the past Rendez Vous, as always the organization was perfect. Thank you very much and I hope to be able to come again next year.

Kind regards
Facundo B 2018-09-27:
Hi Catherine,

I hope you are well.

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this week´s Rendezvous. Not only it was very useful and productive, but it was also very pleasant and enjoyable. It was also great to see all the distributors we are working with under one roof and to get to meet others we weren’t in touch with.

It would have been good to meet you in person but I hope we have the chance soon.

Best regards,
Azusa M. 2018-09-27:
TVFI and its uniqueness - Would you please explain what kind of market you try to make, and how to do so?

I've been always impressed how you all always work together. The entire atmosphere we see is definitely different from what we feel from UK or US market - where content giants work independently - and it is quite easy for us to trust French distributors in terms of understanding, cooperation and also love for the contents!

We would like to explain what makes it so special about French market.
Magdalena L. 2018-09-27:
Dear Juliette,

We’ve had such a lovely and efficient time in Biarrits. Everything is so well organized!

Once again thanks a lot for letting us participate in Rendez vous 2018.

All best Susanne & Magdalena
Karolina K. 2018-09-27:
Dear Catherine,

It was great pleasure to meet you.

Thank you for the great organisation, and atmosphere! Meetings was very fruitful. Hope to see you next year!

If you could share photos from whole event we’ll be grateful 

PS: love your t-shirts! <3

Greetings from Poland!
Irina I. 2018-09-27:
Dearest Catherine,

The September Rendez-Vous is already a history, it is wonderful history which we will keep in our mind !

I am so much grateful to you and your colleagues for great hospitality, for attention to our questions and helpful assistance ( in particular for our luggage “entertainment”).

May I also cordially thank Carina for her patience with us, she had lots of urgent work to do in Biarritz but devoted time to find our bags, we would never receive it without her help.
Please send her our heartfelt gratitude.

Hope very much everything will go well with us all in future and we will have an opportunity to meet again at one of the most beautiful places.
Please convey my best wishes to Isabelle and , of course, should you meet Matthieu, to him , he was a soul of the event !
I wish you beautiful autumn and many, many happy days further.

With great memories and wishes,
Edo B. 2018-09-27:
Bonjour my dear Catherine,

A quick note to let you know how much I have appreciated being a guest at Le RdV all these years.
Once again it was organized to perfection and have I managed to find a lot of content for the upcoming year.

I am hoping my new colleague will need support from me next year; -)
Wishing you all the best for now,