the ecological commitment of our service providers


In our latest article, we mentioned the importance of ecology in the organization of Le Rendez-Vous. We evoked the last party in the Arkinova site, which promotes environmental solutions. But we also have service providers who set up actions taking into account environmental issues.

Jardins & Saveurs

Jardins & saveurs will be our caterer. The company integrates the values of sustainable development in the process of reception so as to reduce the impact of the job in the environment. Jardin et saveurs is specialized in “reasoned agriculture”. It means all our meals will be seasonal and local products. Chicken comes from the south-west of France. Vegetable comes from local or regional markets. Our partner also grants importance to selective sorting.

Upsilon Group

Upsilon Group is an independent company which is specialized in the design of audiovisual solutions supplies. The company lends us the computers in the screening room and is in charge of installing them. Upsilon developed an initiative to “sponsor bees” in order to help bees because they are endangered by the diminution of their population. This situation called “Colony Collapse Disorder” is very worrying as bees are essentials for the ecosystem. Upsilon’s initiative “Un toit pour les abeilles” has for aim to help in the safeguard of bees and develop colonies. The company suggests companies and privates to sponsor the bee’s tool: the hive. In exchange, bees offer a bit of honey to their sponsors. So far, 195 228 000 bees have been sponsored and 4800 hives have been installed!

Alphabet Stand Service

Alphabet Stand Service is specialized in the creation, production and installation of stands. The company will implement our stands and the screening room, using non-polluting materials. The company implemented ecological actions such as recycling the carpet.

As we are very commited to the environmental cause, we’re happy that Jardins & Saveurs, Upsilon Group and Alphabet Stand Service are figuring once more among our service prodivers.

Jardins & Saveurs + présentation d'un apéro dînatoire pour Le Rendez-Vous 2017

Jardin & Saveurs, gastronomie, écologie, Le Rendez-Vous

Upsilon Group + du miel réalisé grâce à un toit pour les abeilles

Upsilon, un toit pour les abeilles, miel, écologie

Alphanet Stand Service + stands et vidéothèque du Rendez-Vous 2017

Alphabet Stand service, événementiel, écologie, Le Rendez-Vous 2017,

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