Our last party in the ecological site of Arkinova


As we are always finding original places to celebrate the last evening of Le Rendez-Vous, we are very happy that Arkinova accepted us to organize it on its site. Arkinova is a 49 hectare site which situated at the heart of Anglet, next to Biarritz. The site is dedicated to sustainable construction. As we are very involved in environmental issues, it was very important for us to find an ecological place. So the closing reception “Chronicles of the sun” will take place in Arkinova.

Arkinova is developping many actions in order to promote environmental solutions. A part of the site is already used by:

  • The Notabek technological resources centre
  • The ISA BTP engineer school
  • The University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour laboratories
  • Cantau college
  • The Federation Companionnique des Métiers du Bâtiment (Federation of Construction Professions)

The aim is to boost the collaboration between higher education institutions, laboratories  and companies working in the eco-construction field.  More than 2000 students are divided between Cantau high school, ISA BTP and the Federation Compagnonnique Building trades.

The technology site is centred around three core elements:

The event of Le Rendez-Vous will take place in one of the activity generators, which is a hybrid  business incubator. The objective is to host projects holders, start-up and companies which have innovative projects about the building of sustainable arrangements. The place will be able to host about 25 companies. Some of them are already settled in the building. The Generator is 535 square meters and it includes a technical hall of 340 square meters.

A chair of industrial research is dedicated to architecture and urban physics. The aim is to develop researches about physical modelling of urban complex systems, and especially substance and energy flows (thermal, aeraulic, acoustic, air quality, light, water circle…) at all scales.

More information on their website.


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